"Arrgh! started as an elaborate animation that was a lot of fun to come up with as my friends and I acted out and iterated the dialog until it became far too long to recreate in the short period of time I had. This animation was my rite of passage in adding Maya to my skillset. Prior to this I had no experience with the application, so I had to teach myself modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, animating and rendering in about two months all the while creating everything seen here. It's an old video and I unfortunately do not have the original frames or scene data so it will only ever exist in this QuickTime. It's a fun sequence and while there are a dozen things I'd fix and improve (especially the editing), I'm pretty happy with the facial animation and the overall silliness of the piece. In the end the education was invaluable and I still enjoy watching this even after six years..."
"One of my oldest and best friends, Nick Goodwin, was the voice of both Billy and the Capt'n and did a fantastic job with just how limited our resources were. There was a point where he was saying the lines with his face in one of my living room chairs so we could minimize echo and background noise. I wasn't going to be picky since he was gracious enough to do several takes to get the lines right and ultimately they were just so hiliarious to hear spoken that that was worth it all right there..."