"I was flattered I was given a great number of major scenes in Bioshock Infinite, this one being one of the more significant of them. There's a mix of hand animation that I had to blend into a mocap struggle between Comstock and Liz that you can see beginning at the very end of this sequence after Comstock grabs Liz"
"Another major plot scene, here we meet Daisy Fitzroy and learn more of the plight of the people. Note that at this point Irrational opted to use FaceFX to automate the mouth animation, so I animated the rest of the face, and the mouth only outside of dialog..."
"One of several Skyhook 'fatalities'. One fantastic part of my time with Irrational on Bioshock was the opportunity to work on a gamut of animations that you'll see in the next several videos. From cinematic to combat to first-person, the change in pace and tone kept things fresh."
"An example of the first-person sequences I did, this one from the very beginning of the game, where Booker is about to embark on his journey to Colombia."
"Now recovered from the encounter with Songbird in the waters of Battleship Bay, Booker seeks out Elizabeth, enjoying her freedom for the first time in her life. This was one of the few scenes where I did animate the visemes along with phonemes before being alerted to the fact FaceFX would actually be doing all the 'talking'"
"I absolutely LOVED animating Songbird, and this was by far the coolest. Here Booker has fallen from a Skyrail towards the faux-ocean of Battleship Bay with Songbird in furious pursuit. Booker is then pinned under the water while the pressure starts to crack Songbirds eye lens..."
"This was a treat! It's about as basic as you can get but being given the chance to build the foundational animations for a major character is again very flattering. Here just a massive, lumbering gait..."
"Some of those contextual sequences when I was given a break from cinematics. This is one of several climbing sequences for NPC's scurrying around the environment. This was a little quicker than I might have wanted it personally but we wanted the NPC's to be able to move quickly through the world"
"An environmental detail animation of a beggar slumping to the ground. Note there are several sequences here so the animation has gaps in between them where the character is merely tweening to the next sequence; they were of course not a part of the animation! :D"
"Another contextual animation, where weapons are being distributed to combatants. I animated dozens of these sprinkled throughout the game, and it showed me just how far Irrational is willing to go in their world building."