Revisiting ending of GoW3...Sony has some great rigs and lipsync'ing was very enjoyable. Note cloth and hair geometry was to be animated with physics in-engine so my focus was purely acting(body and facial anim to supplied audio) and camera work
Alien vs. Marine: The Fighternating

(The odd pauses/timings were due to how this was going to be cut for the trailer; during editing they made a bit more sense.)

...nothing's there, phew...wait wut!?

(This isn't terribly interesting, but the body motion came out nicely.)

*Miscellaneous Flipped-Frames!
"Well, I did work briefly on Fallout 3, and did roughly 30 sequences for this little guy, of which apparently only this video has survived. The rest is perhaps better seen in the game proper. If you play FO:NewVegas, you can find Snuffles the domesticated molerat and see most of the other sequences I created!"