"The Ettin, named MoFo, was probably my favorite character to animate for Ultima X Online. Here 'Fo', the simple one, is fascinated but their belly's jiggle. I wanted the behavior to help contrast the two personalities, where 'Mo' is angry and far more aggressive..."
"Not too dissimilar in context, here 'Fo' decides to explore hygiene, only to share it with 'Mo', ultimately leading to stern discipline"
"Not as fun as the Fidgets above...but...Ettin Attack!!"
"The Iron Golem has a defective hand and fixes it the only way he can. Loved this character, primarily because of the mechanical stutter."
"Dem Bones-esque, the Skeleton is checking out his full range of circular motion, being that he has no tendons or muscles to keep his forearm from rotating all the way around!"
"Here our Skeleton is attempting to come up with a new 'scary' face so he's more threatening than he actually is..."