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Despite insistence from my father that I stop playing videogames (toys to him), I turned his chagrin into approval by going from simply playing them to making them! For the past 30 years I've played everything under the sun, and for 20 of those years I've immersed myself in all facets of game development. During this time I became a pretty decent character animator, and was given opportunities to animate on such AAA titles as Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands, and Prey.

My primary area of expertise is character animation, including animation direction and outsource teams management. In addition, I'm an independent game developer, creating virtual reality experiences and games.

My skillset and specialties lie directly in character animation, including a penchant for authentic first-person animation; great for cinematics and VR. 

Additionally, I'm an accomplished character modeler, rigger and material artist. I have been a part of most disciplines of development, including design, concept, and coding (Javascript and C#).


My development software proficiency includes Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender 2.8xx, ZBrush, Substance Painter and Designer, and primary development platforms Unreal Engine and Unity 3D (including proprietary engines and tool sets), in addition to tasking and version control software such as JIRA, Perforce and Hansoft.

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Tel: 773 . 206 . 6379


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